Asian Foods and Travels? Make Philippines your first Country to visit.  The people of the Philippines popularly known as “Filipino” are welcoming and hospitable people. They are peace loving people and when you come and visit the Country you can expect Filipinos to welcome you at there home even if you are a stranger. Foods and drinks are readily offer for free as a welcome gesture.

Visiting Philippines is always so much fun and you can always feel at home.  If you love pristine white beaches at its best, Philippines got it! I will bring you one of the most famous beaches in the Country: Boracay Beaches

Boracay is located approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila. It is in the tip of NorthWest Panay Island in Western Visayas. Since the area is a well liked and loved tourist attraction, you can have an essay access in coming to the place. It can be reached through planes, boats and bus.

Boracay, Aklan , Philippines. It has several beaches that can fit everyone’s needs to enjoy the place.  White Beach: Station 1, White Beach: Station 2,White Beach: Station 3, Bulabog Beach and Diniwid Beach.

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 Asian Foods and Travels White Beach Station 1:

Station one is found in the North-Western section of White Beach , wherein white beach is the widest. This part of Boracay is considered as the most upscale place and conducive for family stay. Look at the white sand. The sand is so different, it is so tiny just like a “white powdered sugar”.  The water is welcoming warm, so even early in the morning if you will take a swim, you will not feel cold. The rock that you can see in the image is the famous “Willy’s Rock”. It is located in Station 1. Station one is by far the best place to stay, if you love to swim. Most of the hotels here, are in-front of the beach.  Taking a swim is easy as it is shallow.  Book your hotel accommodation with Agoda to score great deals.

 Asian Foods and Travels White Beach Station 2:

Asian Foods and Travels _BORACAY-STATION-2This is the busiest place in Boracay. It is known as the party place. You can find several bars, clubs and restaurants  and hotels in the area. This is also considered as the shopping area of the place. It has around 100 small souvenir shops to buy local products to take it back home. Station 2 is the place if you want cheaper accommodation. But I personally do not recommend this place, if don’t like loud noises. If you want a little bit secluded and quite place, I would stay station 1 and Station 3 should be your place to stay.

Asian Foods and Travels White Beach Station 3:

Station 3 is the most quite of all stations. It has less density of tourist. Budget and Native style accommodations can be seen in this area. Although, some high end hotels and resorts are now being developed in this area. This area is quiet, you can feel the old Boracay. It provides great vibes and the favorite place for back packers who are on budget and want a relaxing quiet atmosphere to commune with nature.

Asian Foods and Travels Bulabog Beach:

Asian Foods and Travels _BulabogThe area for water sports lovers. It is 2.5 km long and located at he the East Side of the island. The area is the Kite boarding and surfing of Boracay, from November to April. Bulabog beach has been named as the “No. 1 Kite Boarding beach in Asia”. You can stay in this place, as there are also available hotels in the area. The place is usually quieter. You can have essay access to the D’ Mall which is, 5 minutes walk only. If you want to swim in the white beach, it is only 10 minutes walk from this place. The area is protected by an offshore ref.

Travel Asia Diniwid Beach

Asian Foods & Travels_DiniwidA beautiful white beach that is about 3 minutes walk from the North White beach. It is 20 minutes drive away from the famous D’Mall (D’Mall is the place where you can enjoy dining and shopping in Boracay). There are hotels in the area that you can stay in , that is if you value peace and quiet place but needs a closer proximity to the more active places of Boracay such as White Beaches, Clubs and Bars. The most appealing part of this area aside from crystal clear water is the spider house. It is a resto-bar that is built on the cliff side. Offers great view to sunset and sunrise and you can swim jump and swim directly.

These are great beaches that you can choose from in going to Boracay.  What about foods? As much as we want to swim and enjoy the crystal clear water of Boracay, I am sure like me, you want to have a taste of the local foods that the place has to offer. I will be listing down some of the local food place that is great tasting and the prices are  just right.

Asian Foods & Travels_Tinolang ManokLove Chicken? The best local tasting chicken you can find in the area is Plato D Boracay.  It is located in D’Mall. If you come from the White Beach, walk straight right and then when you arrive in the D’Mall, turn left and in about 30 meters you can find the place.  Food Price ranges from:  Php 100 to Php 200 ( that is around $2 to $4). I love thier “Tinolang Manok” (Chicken soup) . It is a chicken meat, cook with papaya or chayote (sayote), with chili leaves.  If you liked Grilled Chicken, you can also try Andok’s and Mang Inasal, all located in D’Mall.

Seafoods?  Paradiso Grill is the place. It is a little bit pricey, I tell you but as I said the price is right. You can be assured that , there will be no food extender on all your orders. No Fancy additions, all are best and and carefully prepared foods served on your table.  They provide all sorts of seafoods, such as crabs, prawns, snappers, lobsters, squids and the different fresh catch fishes that you can choose from.  Price starts at Php 700 that is around $12.

Asian Foods and Travels _Paradiso

If you love exploring and tasting new foods, you can just go to the D’Mall and you can find several Restaurants you can find. From local delicacies to international foods that are mouth watering.

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